Sandborn Tree Service, Inc.


Certified Tree Arborists in California

What we do Why you want to hire a certified arborist in California who cares about trees enough to have put effort into learning about them; how they grow, what they need for optimum health, which practices to avoid to prevent harm and what cultural practices enhance their health. A certified tree arborist is likely to have a working knowledge of insect pests and diseases common to his local area in California and should be able to refer clients to a reputable source for treating pests and diseases. Should be familiar with ANSI A300 standards for tree care procedures (and which procedures to recommend) and Z133 OSHA safety standards for tree care (and how to perform safety). Should have a general knowledge (or at least access to knowledge) of local tree ordinances. Should be able to report explaining the relative health (vitality and structural integrity) of the individual trees on a property in California with recommendations for their future care and immediate needs. Should have access to resources allowing the research of difficult problems. Be able to identify the majority of commonly found trees and shrubs in the local area. Should have a fair and equitable method of charging for certified arborist services in California and be able to articulate that clearly to prospective clientele.