Sandborn Tree Service, Inc.


Our Services


Whether you have bountiful fruit trees, delicate Japanese Maples, or majestic Oak trees, Sandborn Tree Service has the skilled specialists to do the job accurately.

Tree Removal And Stump Grinding

We hate to see trees go, but sometimes situations arise that pose a concern to safety and health in our community.  We are skilled professionals who will remove your tree, even grinding the stump to allow for further landscaping goals to be attained.

Deep Root Fertilization

With our area being so severely drought-laden, we are seeing a great number of trees, both native and foreign showing signs of failing.

Wildfire Preparedness

Historical land management practices and climate change have increased the severity of wildfires increasing the need to manage our suburban forests.

Certified Arborists

Certain scenarios require the utmost in knowledge, accreditation and certification.  When it comes to permitting and compliance, Sandborn Tree Service, Inc has the level of staff your project needs to get the job done right.